How to Get the Sound of Music Achievement in Minecraft?

Simply set the jukebox and music disc inside the Meadow biome’s limits, and the achievement will appear. It took around 20 seconds for it to show for me, which was a bit of a wait.

Similarly, Why cant I get sound the alarm achievement?

In order to get this accomplishment, Minecraft players must first locate a Minecraft town with a bell. If the game has created a settlement with a bell, the bell may normally be located around the village’s center.

Also, it is asked, What are the 2 secret achievements in Minecraft?

All of the secret breakthroughs in Minecraft Java Edition as of version 1.17 are listed below: The village’s hero Exile of your own will 4) How did we end ourselves in this situation? Absorption. It’s a bad sign. Blindness. Conduit Power is a term that refers to the ability to generate electricity Grace of the Dolphin. Resistance to fire. Glowing.Haste.

Secondly, How many rails is 500m in Minecraft?

To get this award, players must walk a total distance of 500 meters, which is roughly equivalent to 500 blocks. This indicates that the players will need to place 500 rails in a single direction to construct the railway.

Also, How many hours is 100 days in Minecraft?

33 minutes

People also ask, What is the hardest badge to get in Minecraft?

The Beaconator is number one. However, since a Nether Star is necessary to create the beacon, it is the most difficult accomplishment to get. Only Nether Stars are dropped by the Wither.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you get the sniper duel achievement in Minecraft?

Sniper Duel is a Bedrock Edition accomplishment gained by horizontally killing a skeleton, wither skeleton, or stray with a thrown arrow from 50 or more blocks away.

How do you convert gamerscore to Minecoins?

Keep in mind that you may acquire accomplishments several times after spending minecoins on them. By the way, 1 gamerscore = 1 minecoin would be the transaction.

How much damage does a Netherite sword do?

MaterialWoodenNetheriteAttack Speed1.61.6Damage/Second (DPS)6.412.8Durability592031Java EditionMaterialWoodenNetheriteAttack Speed1.61.6Damage/Second (DPS)6.412.8Durability592031 Inflicted injury for the rest of your life [note 1] More rows: 236 11816248 81241

How much damage does a sharpness 5 diamond sword do?

Without the use of an anvil, Sharpness V may now be given to a sword. 0.625 damage per level; for the impact of pre-1.9 Protection, see Armor/Bedrock Edition Enchantments.

Does knockback do damage?

In Minecraft, a sword with the Knockback enchantment will force the weapon’s melee blows to drive foes back a larger distance. Swords are Minecraft’s most tried-and-true weapon, enabling players to do substantial amounts of damage in close combat.

What does an activator rail do?

Any minecart that passes over an activator rail will drop off any player or material that is being carried. When minecarts move over detector rails, they operate as pressure plates, which may be utilized to generate signals and other purposes. They may also be used to transfer a minecart between detector rails.

How many blocks is 50 meters in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, 50 block sides (squares) equals 50 meters.

How long is a Minecraft night without a bed?

In Minecraft, the day lasts 10 minutes and the night lasts around 7 minutes. Days begin at 6 a.m. in-game, with a short sunrise lasting around 23 seconds. After then, after five minutes, the sun reaches its highest position in the sky. Players may now utilize a bed to sleep through the night after 10 minutes and 28 seconds.

Can you get free the end from a Respawned dragon?

The four End Crystals will respawn the Ender Dragon and its previous End Crystals before exploding. You don’t want to be in the vicinity when it occurs. Thankfully, just resurrecting the dragon will grant you the achievement The End Again.

Is it a balloon achievement Minecraft?

When a player views a ghast via a spyglass, they get the achievement ‘Is it a balloon?’ named after the mob’s form. This is one of several advancements that can only be made in the nether. Because of their size and loudness, ghasts are difficult to overlook in Minecraft.

What is the strongest block in Minecraft Besides obsidian and bedrock?

The greatest blast resistance is 18,000,000, which is found in bedrock, command blocks, and end portal frames. The second group, with 6,000 members, is Obsidian, Anvil, and Enchantment Table. With 3,000 members, Ender Chest is the third group. With 500 members, the fourth group is Water and Lava.

What does Netherite Beacon do?

Beacons. Netherite blocks may be used to power a beacon. The beacon may be fueled by a 33 square of netherite blocks underneath it, and an additional 55, 77, and 99 layer in the form of a pyramid can be placed beneath the initial layer to boost the beacon’s powers.


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