What Is Smart Music?

Similarly, What is SmartMusic?

The biggest interactive and digital music collections may be found at SmartMusic, a web-based suite of music teaching resources.

Also, it is asked, What can SmartMusic do?

With the help of a built-in Gradebook where they can access student recordings, assignments, performance scores, and practice statistics, teachers using SmartMusic can keep tabs on their students’ development. SmartMusic may be quite useful in the classroom in addition to helping individual practice.

Secondly, How do I use SmartMusic?

Classic SmartMusic counts down as your study time is shown above the music. Learn the song, then get ready to perform. Assignment Details show up once you open a task. After reviewing the task, click Done. Tap . Review the music, then get ready to perform. Execute the assignment after the countdown.

Also, Can you use SmartMusic on your phone?

We’ll discuss SmartMusic and a few other excellent resources in our follow-up piece, which will include web-based and PC applications, as it isn’t a phone app.

People also ask, Can you print music from SmartMusic?

The top Print menu has two possibilities for printing your part: SmartMusic Display and Custom Display. While the Custom Display option enables you to resize the music on the page to meet your visual demands, the SmartMusic Display option prints the default display as it appears in the Practice App.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I download music from SmartMusic?

View the traditional SmartMusic home screen to browse and play music with BrowseTap. View a highlighted category or choose a genre using the carousel. The suggested items are shown. On download the item to your iPad, tap the title.

Does SmartMusic work on Chromebook?

SmartMusic is compatible with the desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads that your students now use, and accounts can be readily accessed with Single Sign-On through the most widely used Learning Management Systems.

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Does SmartMusic have a metronome?

The metronome in SmartMusic may be configured to both standard and compound time signatures, making it just as useful for practicing as a tuner. A practice session may be made more consistent and expeditiously skill-building by playing with a rhythmic reference.

How do I change the tempo on SmartMusic?

Tap to alter the pace. Tempo controls start to show up. To choose your pace, drag to the left or right. Drag back to the orange line to restore the title to its original pace.

What happened to the SmartMusic app?

SmartMusic’s Classic has retired. Classic SmartMusic is no longer available as of August.

Is there an app for SmartMusic?

Nearly every program can afford the new SmartMusic. Even the information included in SmartMusic’s free edition is updated often. SmartMusic is now more affordable and available to more kids than ever thanks to a cloud-based program that runs on desktops, iPads, and Chromebooks.

Does SmartMusic work on iPad?

Chromebooks, newer iPads, Mac and PC desktops, and Chromebooks are all currently supported. At present moment, neither Android smartphones nor Android tablets are supported.

Does SmartMusic have ukulele?

SmartMusic is an excellent resource for general band and orchestra, but it is less effective in assisting with the learning of particular instruments, such as the guitar and ukulele.

How do you change instruments in SmartMusic?

On the Instrument List tab, click. Make sure that SmartMusic SoftSynth is listed for each instrument under the Device column. If it doesn’t, choose SmartMusic SoftSynth from the drop-down selection for that instrument. Make sure the appropriate instrument sound is chosen for each instrument under the Sound column.

How do I contact SmartMusic?

You are welcome to post a question online. The Customer Success Team will answer any query you have at any time within one business day. Call (866) 240-4041 to speak with a member of our Customer Success Team.

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Can you print parts in smart music?

There is a practice option available for every educational environment and configuration, from the cloud to the classroom, the mic to the music stand. Print is the revolutionary SmartMusic function that allows academic users to print individual parts straight from the repertoire library.

How do I download SmartMusic accompaniment?

To export SmartMusic®, choose File > Export. The dialog box labeled “Export SmartMusic AccompanimentSelect File Type” appears. Decide on Assessment. If you wish to play both the loaded audio track and the specified Finale Audio Units playback sounds in your SmartMusic file, choose Include Audio (this feature was added in Finale 2014.5).

How do I export music from Finale?

Select “Export to Audio” from the File menu to start. The dialog window for saving an audio file appears. You have the option to create a regular or compressed audio file here. Click Save after deciding on the target folder.

Can I use GarageBand on a Chromebook?

Of course, Chromebooks do not support GarageBand, the well-known music-making program for Macs.

Can you run Sibelius on a Chromebook?

The applications that many instructors have been using for years don’t function on Chromebooks. This implies that you are unable to utilize previous “download and install” software products like GarageBand, Mixcraft, Sibelius, Finale, Audacity, etc.

How do I turn off repeat on SmartMusic?

Tip: Choose the Selection tool to get rid of all repetitions in a document at once. Select All may be found on the Edit menu, or you can just use CTRL+A. Then choose Clear Items from the Edit menu. Choose Measures, Repeats, Only Selected Items, and then click OK to return to the score.

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What is violy app?

A clever app called Violy links musicians, instrument students, and music lovers. It’s a modern music school that enables music students to practice wherever they are and at any time, as well as music instructors to start classes online and monitor assignments.

How do you change beats per minute?

Navigate to Effect > Change Tempo after selecting your music (or the section you wish to alter). You may specify the original and goal beats per minute values or a percent change. The pace may alternatively be adjusted to meet a certain length.

Why is it important to formulate classroom rules?

The purpose of setting up rules for the classroom is to educate students how to behave in an appropriate and safe manner, which will enhance their learning. Every second spent in class is significant. If there are no regulations for the pupils to obey, chaos will ensue.

Can students compose in SmartMusic?

Compose and create It’s simple to provide students access to Compose content that can be viewed in the Practice app with complete SmartMusic accompaniment for evaluation. Additionally, students have access to Compose where they may develop their own creativity, finish writing projects, and exchange works with their classmates and professors.


Smart music is a new concept in the world of music. It’s an app that allows users to stream and listen to their favorite songs. Users are able to download tracks for offline listening and even create playlists with their own favorite songs.

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